Local Author – Anna Louise Tayler

Local lady tells her tale of dyslexia and determination to become a published author.

Tell us about yourself, Anna.

Seven years ago I moved from the USA to this beautiful town. Growing up with dyslexia, I’ve broken through those barriers and have become very passionate about writing books for children and working with children with similar difficulties.

What are your books about and what has inspired the stories in them?

I created the Smokey book adventure series based on my family’s pets. Smokey, who plays the lead character, is a white Welsh Mountain Pony, whose best friends are Portia and Balou. The animals have very individual characteristics – Portia is a very posh Persian Cat who knows she is beautiful and frequently gets into scrapes. Balou is a happy-go-lucky Hungarian Vizsla Dog, who is always there as a good friend to everyone. Each of the stories demonstrate the strength and support that friendship brings to a relationship. This is something that I was very aware of when working with young children as it gave them confidence and helps them to interact with one another. The books are beautifully illustrated with new characters being brought in for the different adventures. As you enter the book you will see the portraits of Smokey, Portia and Balou, who were the inspiration for these stories and to whom the books are dedicated, in return for their love and loyalty.

Tell us about your other work.

I have been very fortunate to have been working with the Woodbridge Macmillan Cancer Support Committee over the last year – a remarkable group of women who I feel very honored and privileged to have been able to have worked with. I have known so many people who have died from this dreadful disease that I wanted to try and help in any possible way that I could.

What is your goal as an author?

I hope I can inspire people – with these stories of friendship and my achievement of publishing these stories, despite my dyslexia. No matter how difficult it was, I was determined to write them. For this reason I want children and adults to never ever give up on anything they try and aspire to do.

Do you have any books you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud of all of my books; Smokey and the Disappearing Fish, Smokey and the Mystery of Rabbitina, and Smokey and the Secret of Christmas Magic.

Any claims to fame?

I think Smokey is the one with a claim to fame with his yellow sunglasses! He is the star and always will be in my eyes!

Where can readers find your work or contact you?

Readers can find all my work online and are more than welcome to contact me using the details below.

07934 196877  – annalouisetayler@aol.com – www.altayler.co.uk  – twitter: @smokeyadventure – facebook: @smokeyadventure

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  1. A fascinating lady with some great stories to tell! This was a lovely interview to be part of 🙂

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